det är vad jag ska göra nu.

01. introduce yourself
02. your friends
03. your family
04. your dreams
05. your favorite hairstyle
06. what's in your bag
07. someone beautiful
08. in school
09. someone's wardrobe you want
10. your favorite place
11. something you're proud of
12. your weekend plans
13. things I hate in other people
14. your favorite blog
15. on this day exactly one year ago
16. this makes me cry
17. a picture you can't take your eyes off
18. my best birthday
19. something I miss
20. my wish list for christmas
21. a book
22. something that makes you angry
23. a movie
24. my fears
25. your favorite song
26. me and my best friend
27. something I wish I did more
28. something you regret
29. something that makes you smile

Postat av: Anonym

nUMMER ELVA ! FÖR EN GÅNGS SKULL FÖR I H E L V E T E NU ! 11. something you're proud of

2010-12-14 @ 19:22:14

Den här designen är en gratis design! .. har gjort den här designen.

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